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Body and Beauty Treatments
Currently our Full Menu below is not available.  We hope to fully re-open again soon. Please check back!

Body Treatments

Body Scrub
Rp 160.000 Promotion: Rp 100.000
30 minutes

This treatment exfoliates dead surface skin, cleanses the pores and promotes relaxation.
Choice of scrubs include: Traditional Lulur, Boreh, Green Tea, Honey Seed or Salt.

Boreh is a unique Balinese mixture of temu lawak from the turmeric family adding black rice, clove and other spices.
Green Tea also using green bean, rice powder and essential oils of cempaka and frangipani

Sunburn Treatment
Rp 160.000 Promotion:  Rp 100.000
30 minutes

This treatment uses blended fresh aloe vera and cucumber.

Ratus Wangi
Rp 315.000 Promotion: Rp 200.000
30 minutes

Ratus or fogging is a special cleansing treatment for women. Herbs and spices using a smoking method are directed into the women's private area.

Beauty Treatments

Enjoy special potions of skin healers, softeners and moisturizers.

Natural Indonesian Facial
Rp 275.000 Promotion: Rp 150.000
60 minutes

Deeply cleansing the skin by exfoliating the outer layer of dead skin.

Balinese Traditional Facial
Rp 360.000 Promotion: 200.000
60 minutes

Using principal ingredients of honey and cucumber.

Natural Hair Spa
Rp 245.000 Promotion: 150.000
60 minutes

Traditional hair treatment begins with a hair wash followed by head and scalp massage using natural ingredients such as aloe vera and avocado.
Then the hair is wrapped in a towel and finally rinsed off ending with the hair perfumed with incense as it dries.

Cream Bath
Rp 185.000 Promotion:  Rp 100.000
60 minutes

A divine head massage with choice of aloe vera, carrot or ginseng cream for healthy hair and scalp.

Manicure or Pedicure
60 minutes
French: Rp 215.000 Promotion: Rp 150.000

with polish: Rp 175.000 Promotion: Rp 100.000
without polish: Rp 145.000 Promotion: 80.000

Manicure and Pedicure
2 hours
Rp 345.000 Promotion: Rp 250.000

Our manicure and pedicure includes nail trimming and cuticle treatment. Application of polish or flower design if you wish.

Hair Cut
Rp 275.000 Promotion: 150.000

Prices subject to 21% government tax/service charge.