Alam Indah It's Over 9000!

Alam Wangi Spa Packages currently not available-  We hope to open out Full Menu again soon.
Please check back!


Javanese Lulur
2 hours
1 person:  Rp 500.000   Promotion: Rp 300.000
Couple:     Rp 945.000   Promotion: Rp 550.000

Aromatherapy foot bath, traditional massage, choice of lulur scrub followed by a yoghurt rub, a soothing soak in a scented flower bath.

Aromatherapy Herbal
2.5 hours
1 person: Rp 690.000    Promotion: Rp 500.000
Couple:    Rp 1.345.000 Promotion: Rp 900.000

Aromatherapy footbath, aromatherapy massage, Balinese Boreh scrub and herbal bath.
A Balinese traditional jamu drink of galangal, tamarind, turmeric with palm sugar will be served.

Alam Wangi Stone Therapy
2 hours
1 person: Rp 860.000   Promotion: Rp 650.000
Couple:   Rp 1.630.000 Promotion: Rp 1.200.000

Thermotherapy is the application of either hot or cold to the body to change the body's responses to promote healing circulation and detoxifcation.

Relaxing Beauty
2 hours and 45 minutes
1 person: Rp 775.000   Promotion: Rp 600.000
Couple:   Rp 1.475.000 Promotion: Rp 1.100.000

Aromatherapy footbath, relaxing massage, honey and seed rub, Balinese refreshing facial and herbal bath.

Honeymoon Package
3 hours
1 person: Rp 675.000   Promotion: Rp 500.000
Couple:   Rp 1.290.000 Promotion: Rp 900.000

Aromatherapy foot bath, traditional massage and choice of scrub followed by a yoghurt rub, a divine cream bath and flower bath.


Exclusive Alam Wangi Spa Package
4 hours
1 person: Rp 1.115.000  Promotion: Rp 900.000
Couple:  Rp 2.145.000   Promotion: Rp 1.700.000

Aromatherapy foot bath, traditional massage and choice of scrub followed by a milk bath.
Then indulge in a Balinese refreshing facial and enjoy a delightful cream bath to complete your relaxation and revival of your body.
A light meal is served during the treatment and receive a special spa gift from Alam Wangi.

Prices subject to 21% government tax/service charge.